SHANIS HSE Solutions is a business enterprise founded in the year 2018. This company is focused on attending to the Health and Safety Needs of industries such as mining, manufacturing, farming, construction, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and households in general.

The core mandate of this business enterprise is:

  • Health and Safety expertise
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Training services
  • Consultancy in PPE
  • Outsouring ; HSE function to Us
  • Other consumables


Shanis Health and Safety Expert Solutions, we do not compromise on quality safety wears or personal protective equipment. Our core product line are:

  • Safety Boots and Shoes
  • Safety Helmets and Hardcaps
  • Safety Coveralls
  • Fire retardant uniforms
  • Respiratory safety wears (Nose mask FFP2/FFP3, EAR MUFF, EAR PLUGS and so on)
  • Work at Height (Harnesses, lanyards, rigger helmets, safety ropes, pulleys etc.)

All of our products have been certified and verified under EN standard.


Despite the quality of goods, we offer, we have still made it a point to make our products and services affordable to suit everyone. We provide wholesale prices for companies who buy in bulk at a negotiated price.


We provide training to organizations on health and safety. We do this either per request from the organization or acceptance of our offer to do so. We charge a little fee for this service with regards to the number of staff who may partake in the training and the intensity of the training.